Screenshot from the movie Hidden Universe

The Miracle of Our Universe

If you are reading this post. Congratulations! You’ve made it! The miracles that have happened to make this moment happen are simply unfathomable. Can you imagine one of the foundational elements that brought our universe into existence is dependent on a single ratio! Read more in this blog post…

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Martin Luther King was a master orator. Besides all the things he has inspired us with...presentation skills are certainly one of them!

Think Presentations – Think Theatre!

This blog post is continuation of my earlier post “Everything you know about making presentations is WRONG!” in which I highlight the three criminals of PowerPoint Presentations!┬áNot so long ago I was among the three. In fact that’s a good account of my own personal journey. Thanks to Jon Steel,

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Pace of Inventions will never be the same...

Pace of inventions will never be the same…

GO invent something NOW! You think I am kidding. Sorry to disappoint you my readers. The game has changed. No excuses. You are probably wondering that you are not qualified. No PhD. No nothing. “How could I possibly think about being a scientist?” Think again. Here are some recent examples

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Everything you know about presentations is wrong - Incito Mentis

Everything you know about making presentations is WRONG!

I am NOT kidding! Seriously? Only exceptions. You are Al Pacino. Bill Clinton or a TED (not X) Speaker. Otherwise you are one of these three types of presenters. The Murderer, The Conman or The Designer. Read more about who these people are in this blog post :)

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Made to Shake - Incito Mentis

Made to Shake!

Why do some ideas go mega viral? Why did Gangnam Style get over a billion views on YouTube? Why did “Harlem Shake” move the world? Don’t know about you but if there is anybody who DOES know the answers then it’s the Heath Brothers. Viral hits or pretty much all

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