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Birth of a Network Free World!

What if you no longer needed a mobile phone network or a WiFi network to connect to people. What if there was a way to interact and exchange autonomously without a giant telecom provider backing you up. Well there is…

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The world in 5G!

The world in 5G is going to enable speeds of up to 10,000 mbps. This has huge implications on how our world would be reshaped both for the good and bad! Read on to find out more…

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Apple – the greatest mass market brand in the world!

A brand for creators has now became a brand for consumers. The edgiest, coolest brand in the world now reigns supreme as a mass market behemoth. Can it continue dominating without going back to its roots?

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Sensors Everywhere!

Are we reaching a tipping point in technological innovation? Can the updates to sensory technology as seen in CES this year really unlock the potential of connected devices? Some of the showcases were simply awesome to say the least!

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Pace of Inventions will never be the same...

Pace of inventions will never be the same…

GO invent something NOW! You think I am kidding. Sorry to disappoint you my readers. The game has changed. No excuses. You are probably wondering that you are not qualified. No PhD. No nothing. “How could I possibly think about being a scientist?” Think again. Here are some recent examples

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