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Strategy is King…Execution is Queen…Leadership is everything!

Some lessons one should never forget and should always be revisited. Here are some musings on the importance of leadership and putting it in perspective with strategy and execution. If there is anything that matters it is a leader and his ability to envision, enable and energize. If that is in place everything else will follow. Nothing else matters! Read more in this post!

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Think Presentations – Think Theatre!

This blog post is continuation of my earlier post “Everything you know about making presentations is WRONG!” in which I highlight the three criminals of PowerPoint Presentations! Not so long ago I was among the three. In fact that’s a good account of my own personal journey. Thanks to Jon Steel,

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Remembering Steve

I could not believe the impact the news of Steve Jobs’ death had on me. I had only known him as an iconic public figure like so many of our time but his passing felt like some dear relative had been taken away from me. I am simply overwhelmed and

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