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Is Apple missing the magic of Steve?

It’s been one year since the iconic legend – Steve Jobs passed away. Apple continues to soar to new heights it seems despite the loss of their charismatic leader. Or not? Apparently the dent he created in the universe poked a big hole…some of those holes had money in them…lots

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Oops…Apple did it again!

No it’s not another shiny new invention from Apple that is going to change the game for a certain industry forever! Nor is it the iPhone 5! It’s perfection in a stagnant (read as dying) segment of the computing world – the personal computer. Although this definition includes everything from

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Remembering Steve - Incito Mentis

Remembering Steve

I could not believe the impact the news of Steve Jobs’ death had on me. I had only known him as an iconic public figure like so many of our time but his passing felt like some dear relative had been taken away from me. I am simply overwhelmed and

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iPhone 5 and beyond!

For those 500 million smartphone users worldwide, the concept of what one can do from a phone has far evolved. Nokia – the giant that put a mobile phone in the hands of the masses gave us the Nokia Communicator. A phone which felt like a mini-computer. Then Blackberry with

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Why is the iPad a disruptive technology (and not just another tablet)?

How many times a new invention has had such a profound impact on existing technology that it is donned as nothing less than a game changer? In 1454 it was the printing press which ushered in a new era of modernity, disrupting the slow and expensive parchments used at the

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