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Idea of the Year 2012 - Incito Mentis

Idea of the Year 2012

Another year comes…another year goes! Back in 2011 I had an initiated an idea for the blog. To cover the defining moments of each year across three areas: Ideas (creativity pertaining to advertising or marketing in general), Insight (discovery around a culture, segment or simply human behavior) and Technology (something

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It will freak you out! (in a good way)

I just finished reading Freakonomics. Quite a book. It was long overdue but when I got to it, it flew like a breeze.  Stephen Dubner did a wonderful job capturing the insightful research and anlaysis by Steven Levitt. What really inspired me was his writing style – very engaging and purposeful. I will

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There is a sailor in all of us!

It is amazing how the human brain works. Some of the findings from behavioral economics on our decision making abilities are both shocking and fascinating, to say the least. It’s like looking at an engine from the inside and seeing how everything works. As a planner understanding human behavior is

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How to make something hot even hotter?

We are talking about a Lamborghini here. Does it need a pitch? Who does not want to own a Lamborghini? Those who can afford an Enzo or those who already own the last two I guess! Why would you need to make a TV ad for a Lamborghini? Probably the

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Predictably Irrational – Understanding the Human Mind

What can I say about Dan Ariely! This book is simply awesome! It’s a goldmine of insights. A must-read for planners looking to understand human behavior. This whole idea of behavioral economics is very intriguing (I did a post earlier on the same subject). Through a series of experiments Dan

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