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The tortoise wins…even in marketing!

We all have heard of Aesop’s famous fable about the tortoise and the hare! And we all know how that story goes! Guess what? It’s no different in marketing! The tortoise wins again! Welcome to “Slow Marketing!”

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Super Bowl 50

My favorite ads from “the big game” #SB50

Super Bowl like every year is a big ad extravaganza. This year was no different. From beverages and snacks to telecoms and technology! Everyone is trying to grab attention big time! Here are my picks of the best ads from this year’s event!

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Sports Marketing 2.0 – Create ‘Random Greatness’

What happens when sports marketing meets Web 2.0? You get content that spreads like a forest fire blazing through the web. It is apparently random and insanely awesome! Sports is a youth passion that brands often leverage on to using the celebrity status of sporting giants to connect with their

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Coca Cola ‘Friendship’ Machine

Coca Cola continues to spread happiness through everything they do. We still see many ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ offers as we scan a supermarket aisle. They are mostly faceless promotions purely driven to push product down our throat (or wherever else) with no brand building or engagement at heart.

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Pepsi combines TV with the real world!

Pepsi takes the lead with a cutting-edge innovation using IntoNow. What is IntoNow? It is an iOS app that does to TV what Shazam did to music. It can listen to a clip of any TV show live as it happens and tell you the name of the show and

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