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Real Time Marketing - Incito Mentis

Real-Time Marketing! Are you ready?

Finally! After months of trying to figure out a platform for publishing my paper on Real Time Marketing I decided to publish it as an iBook! What a platform it is! It was a whole lot of fun using iBooks Author to turn this idea into a reality. It took

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Just turned three…

Another year comes…another year goes! It’s amazing how time flies. So many people came and so many went. It’s seems like yesterday when Incito Mentis was born. It is now three years old! Learnt some new lessons along the way and forgot some old ones I thought I had learnt well.

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How to run a fake promotion? Ask Etihad Airways!

It’s not everyday I use this blog to b***h about a brand! In fact I never do so unless there is something positive that one can walk away with. But this one is personal! Etihad Airways ran a promotion which my sister won. Now usually winning is good news but

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No Insight! No Idea?

“Bulls***t!”, said Dave Cobban, Planning Director, W+K at the ESOMAR Consumer Insights Conference 2007 in Milan. Although he went on to show numerous examples of work by his agency and the insight that drove each piece, the opening of his presentation still resonates. The point being that although all creative

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Power of Analogy

How do you tell a vanilla story in a way that is fresh and surprising? Use an analogy. Their power is undeniable. From the oldest religious texts to modern day pep talk analogies are a great way to make a point. Advertising is all about making a point and in

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