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Apple the greatest mass market brand in the world

Apple – the greatest mass market brand in the world!

A brand for creators has now became a brand for consumers. The edgiest, coolest brand in the world now reigns supreme as a mass market behemoth. Can it continue dominating without going back to its roots?

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Top 5 Lessons as Brand Director

One year on the dark side…

In my one year working in a branding role at a telecom company I learnt some interesting lessons. From the need for simple strategies, to the challenges of execution. In the end it’s about getting the job done and delivering results! No excuses! Read on to find out more…

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Challenges of Telecom Branding

Challenges of Building a Telecom Brand

At a communication level the role of branding is to bring the brand promise to life through creativity, at a business however the goal is to bring the brand promise to life at every touch point the brand owns and this takes the challenge to a whole new level. Read more about some of the challenges I experienced first hand…

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Real Time Marketing - Incito Mentis

Real-Time Marketing! Are you ready?

Finally! After months of trying to figure out a platform for publishing my paper on Real Time Marketing I decided to publish it as an iBook! What a platform it is! It was a whole lot of fun using iBooks Author to turn this idea into a reality. It took

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Are you ready? Cannes Lions 2012 - Incito Mentis

Mind Blowing Lessons from the Cannes Lions 2012

Yes. You might think I am exaggerating. Rest assured. I am not. Get ready for the next level. Cannes Lions Seminars 2012 brought together the greatest minds from the world of advertising, marketing and media. From Arianna Huffington to Jim Stengel, from Amir Kassaei to Paul Adams and more. The

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