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The tortoise wins…even in marketing!

We all have heard of Aesop’s famous fable about the tortoise and the hare! And we all know how that story goes! Guess what? It’s no different in marketing! The tortoise wins again! Welcome to “Slow Marketing!”

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Is branding evil?

Is branding really evil?

Did a candy brand really target babies in the womb to market their product? Did a mall really use sonic branding to target pregnant women and drive the loyalty of their children for generations to come? Are hand gels and sanitizers selling nothing more than paranoia? Read this post to find out…

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Sports Marketing 2.0 – Create ‘Random Greatness’

What happens when sports marketing meets Web 2.0? You get content that spreads like a forest fire blazing through the web. It is apparently random and insanely awesome! Sports is a youth passion that brands often leverage on to using the celebrity status of sporting giants to connect with their

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Old Spice – New Flame

For a brand that started out in the year 1937 as a fragrance for woman Old Spice  has certainly come a long way. For Procter and Gamble, a company known for it’s classic (read as formulaic) approach to advertising since the 1950’s that included x times of product mentions/product shots followed

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