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Chewbacca Mom

“Chewbacca Mom” – Decoding Viral Magic!

The internet has been broken once again! Not by the Kardashians this time but by a Texan Mom sharing the joy she experienced when she bought herself a “Chewbacca” mask! What follows is nothing short of bizarre! Read on to find out why?

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Made to Shake - Incito Mentis

Made to Shake!

Why do some ideas go mega viral? Why did Gangnam Style get over a billion views on YouTube? Why did “Harlem Shake” move the world? Don’t know about you but if there is anybody who DOES know the answers then it’s the Heath Brothers. Viral hits or pretty much all

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Idea of the Year 2012 - Incito Mentis

Idea of the Year 2012

Another year comes…another year goes! Back in 2011 I had an initiated an idea for the blog. To cover the defining moments of each year across three areas: Ideas (creativity pertaining to advertising or marketing in general), Insight (discovery around a culture, segment or simply human behavior) and Technology (something

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Sports Marketing 2.0 – Create ‘Random Greatness’

What happens when sports marketing meets Web 2.0? You get content that spreads like a forest fire blazing through the web. It is apparently random and insanely awesome! Sports is a youth passion that brands often leverage on to using the celebrity status of sporting giants to connect with their

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How to get (in)famous the Rebecca Black way?

What better day to write this post than a Friday! You know Friday? The day before Saturday and the day after Thursday! Well in case you have not heard Rebecca Black has taken the web by a storm through her lesson on the days of the week, among other things.

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