about me

I combine deep insights with strategic storytelling, ensuring your brand ignites its fullest potential.

In today’s world, where we’re inundated with brands, messages, and ideas, carving a distinct space isn’t a mere luxury – it’s an imperative. Incito Mentis, rooted in the Latin phrase for “Ignite Intellect,” stands testament to this belief. Every brand I collaborate with benefits from this ethos, igniting its intellect and unlocking its untapped potential.

My professional journey was ignited by an observation: countless brands possess powerful stories, yet many remain whispered secrets. At Incito Mentis, my mission is more than just strategic consulting; it’s about unearthing these hidden tales and molding them into influential brand strategies. But the narrative doesn’t end with strategies. It’s about the people – the passionate entrepreneurs, the visionary brand managers, and the consumers whose lives we influence.

Drawing from over 20 years of experience, I’ve been inspired by a blend of industry visionaries and marketing maestros. From the entrepreneurial genius of Steve Jobs, the insightful observations of Malcolm Gladwell, the timeless wisdom of Bill Bernbach and David Ogilvy, to the contemporary marketing insights of Seth Godin — their collective teachings serve as a daily reminder. It’s not about merely making noise or chasing trends, but genuinely connecting and leaving an indelible mark.

Why choose Incito Mentis? Because this isn’t about generic consulting. It’s a personal commitment to storytelling, strategy, and partnership. I invite you to join me on this voyage of discovery, growth, and transformation. Together, we’ll not only uncover the essence of your brand but ignite its true potential.