Are you a leader or a loser?

Leaders do something that losers don’t. They make the hard choices that nobody else would! They make trade-offs! And that makes all the difference! So which one are you?

My favorite ads from “the big game” #SB50

Super Bowl like every year is a big ad extravaganza. This year was no different. From beverages and snacks to telecoms and technology! Everyone is trying to grab attention big time! Here are my picks of the best ads from this year’s event!

Is your work signature worthy?

Every piece of work you put out there defines you. Either you can make it shout or you can pass by silently like a ship in the night! Here are some of my thoughts on how to make it WOW!

Influencing behavior in the name of humanity!

Behavior change can be daunting especially when it comes to social causes. Surprisingly there are some powerful heuristics that can inspire action much easily than one can imagine! Read on to find out more…

Get into the heart and the head…

Whatever you are selling – an idea, a product or a proposal it’s a game of both the heart and the mind. Here are some tips from Dan Pink’s “To Sell is Human”.