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Organizations in Freefall…

Organizations spin out of control all the time. Most continue to nosedive to a permanent doom. But some dramatically turnaround. Here are some lessons from Apple on the most remarkable turnaround in the history of business inspired by the book “Becoming Steve Jobs.”

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Inspiring Forward Motion

How do you move someone? Like really move someone. If you are in a position of authority you have vested power to move people. To a certain extent you can wield force to get things done your way. Is that really power? I believe otherwise!

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Is Apple missing the magic of Steve?

It’s been one year since the iconic legend – Steve Jobs passed away. Apple continues to soar to new heights it seems despite the loss of their charismatic leader. Or not? Apparently the dent he created in the universe poked a big hole…some of those holes had money in them…lots

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