Personal Development

Be a troublemaker!

Are you trying to change the game? Then don’t be a problem solver. Be a problem creator. Read on to find out why!

Get into the heart and the head…

Whatever you are selling – an idea, a product or a proposal it’s a game of both the heart and the mind. Here are some tips from Dan Pink’s “To Sell is Human”.

Are you cog or a linchpin?

Cogs are replaceable. Cogs are uniform. Cogs don’t matter much in today’s world. This is a world of Linchpins. The rebels. The artists who apply themselves through emotional labour to change our world. The question is which one are you?

Driving Change Through Imagination

Change is hard. Radical change harder. No news here. But it is not impossible. Stephen Covey and the Heath brothers (Dan & Chip) have shared some interesting insights on how to drive change through the power of imagination. Read on to find out more…