Super Bowl

Game of Love…or love of the Game?

Super Bowl Sunday – the most watched live television event in the US – 111 million to be exact! An event when marketers pay $5 million just for a 30 second spot. Is it worth it? For some it surely is…here are my picks of brands that got it right (at least in my books)!

My favorite ads from “the big game” #SB50

Super Bowl like every year is a big ad extravaganza. This year was no different. From beverages and snacks to telecoms and technology! Everyone is trying to grab attention big time! Here are my picks of the best ads from this year’s event!

Stories of Friendship, Love and God!

Super Bowl – the sporting event that has turned the tide of advertising. The event where more people watch the game for the ads than for the game itself. Find out why!

Doritos – Cash the Super Bowl!

How do they do it! It’s simply amazing what Doritos did for the Super Bowl 2010. 116.2 million viewers watched the Doritos – Snack Attack Samurai spot, making it the most watched television commercial of all time!* WOW! The brilliant thing about this all is that everything is user generated! That’s right! Doritos simply created a …

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