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Leadership is everything!

Strategy is King…Execution is Queen…Leadership is everything!

Some lessons one should never forget and should always be revisited. Here are some musings on the importance of leadership and putting it in perspective with strategy and execution. If there is anything that matters it is a leader and his ability to envision, enable and energize. If that is in place everything else will follow. Nothing else matters! Read more in this post!

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Journey into the world of telecom branding!

Journey into the world of telecom branding

14 years in advertising and branding. 10,000 hours of strategic thinking. 120,000 minutes of brainstorming. I finally took the plunge to the dark side. Sworn to always be true to the world of brands and advertising. Here I am changing sides. Read on as I look back at why I both hated and love advertising.

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Real Time Marketing - Incito Mentis

Real-Time Marketing! Are you ready?

Finally! After months of trying to figure out a platform for publishing my paper on Real Time Marketing I decided to publish it as an iBook! What a platform it is! It was a whole lot of fun using iBooks Author to turn this idea into a reality. It took

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No Insight! No Idea?

“Bulls***t!”, said Dave Cobban, Planning Director, W+K at the ESOMAR Consumer Insights Conference 2007 in Milan. Although he went on to show numerous examples of work by his agency and the insight that drove each piece, the opening of his presentation still resonates. The point being that although all creative

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Be the Black Swan - Incito Mentis

Be the Black Swan!

Trends. Analysis. Insight. Data. Focus Group. Hypothesis. A tag cloud in my world of strategic planning will reveal something quite improbable. Something Nassim Nicholas Taleb has coined as the Black Swan. Much ado about nothing! What if I were to tell you that everything you do is utterly useless, meaningless,

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