Experience Awesomeness!

I have always believed brand building is about creating experiences. It can be anything from an immersive on-ground event, an engaging website to a holistic 360° experience. But lately I have realized that content and entertainment have also become a vital aspect of the experience mix. The business of building brands is now more than ever like the business of making movies. Seriously!

Before seeing this awesome DC Shoes infomercial (yeah right!) I had no idea what the brand was all about. The shoe bit was obvious, but that was about it! For me when it comes to sports footwear my universe begins and ends with Nike, Adidas and Reebok! This video changed everything! Besides its sheer entertainment value the video has truly contributed to building the DC Shoes brand. Why do I say that?

To qualify as a piece of branded entertainment the content has to be entertaining, that bit is obvious! But how does that same piece of entertainment build a brand! This is the crucial bit which is not always easy to crack! This is where DC Shoes really shines with this piece of marvel. For one, if I am trying to communicate “performance” then this is as good as it gets. Considering the fact that this is a space all sports footwear brands need to associate with, DC Shoes has done it in a way that is uniquely their own.

The other reason why this video builds the DC Shoes brand is the targeting. They have chosen to focus on extreme sports. It comes through no doubt. Not that I am going to be doing any of those things in the video but upon further exploration I realized that the web experience, the online store and most importantly, the shoe designs consistently delivered on the promise made in the video – performance, extreme sports and coolness!

So despite the fact that DC Shoes makes performance footwear for people who are into extreme sports, you know what I would be looking out for the next time I need sports footwear. Now that’s brand building!

Find out why by watching the video below!

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