V(W)iral Marketing at it’s best!

Volkswagen has done it again! This is simply a brilliant example of how to create influence using social media. As a DDB’er I can safely say that the VW Fun Theory does everything right when it comes to applying the DDB Influence Springboard (a proprietary set of tools to create influence in this new world of media). As a strategic planner I must add VW is one of my favorite brands. The VW Philosophy, their unique tone of voice is sheer genius. The strategy is so straightforward and yet so powerful. It is translated into three simple words – VW is going to be honest, human and intelligently humorous in everything it is going to do. Over the years, VW has delivered on this promise in all it’s advertising and won innumerable accolades for it. Now it’s taking it to a whole new level. This idea brings the element of collaboration to the mix by making audiences interact and live the brand promise (or Brand Conviction as we say at DDB). At the same time it is engaging the advocates to participate and contribute to the concept. The concept itself is fairly simple. You can change people’s behavior for the better if you can make it fun for them. The video below is one example of how people were made to use the staircase instead of the escalator by adding that element of fun! Just so you know this video has had more than 8 million views on YouTube to date. Need I say more! See for yourself!

Now that’s what I call a Big Idea!

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