Remote control your world (starting with your car)!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the telecom revolution is underway! And it’s happening faster than you can imagine! It is simply fascinating when you think about all the things you can do with your mobile phone. I have to say at the cornerstone of this revolution is actually the iPhone – the genius of Steve Jobs. First he masterminded the ultimate mobile device then he empowered individuals (I mean anybody), anywhere in the world to develop an application and put it on the App store. This has led to some crazy developments and one can expect even crazier ones in times to come! In this post, I would like to bring your attention to one such app! Imagine remotely starting your car with your iPhone, turning on the air conditioning before you get in on a hot summer’s day or the heater in this case (see video below) and doing it all from far far away! Check it out!

Impressive isn’t it! Well this one is out already! In fact I just downloaded the free app! But that’s all I am going to be doing for now! Besides the fact that I need the a $499 Smart Start module to be fitted in my car, the system is not available outside the US as yet (apparently it needs to be configured to work with the GSM networks available in a specific country!) Close but no cigar!

Now let’s take this a little further! How about not only starting your car with your iPhone, but also driving it! Yes that is correct! Remember James Bond in “Tomorrow Never Dies”. Well this app makes 007 look old school! Check out iDrive. This one is not out yet! I don’t think it would be coming out anytime soon either, but a prototype already exists! Check out the video below and get ready to be blown away!

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