Buzz is ripe around NFC!

Juniper Research says that 1 out of 6 mobile phone users would carry an NFC equipped handset by 2014. That is really something! I think NFC is a very cool piece of technology. Simply stated it would allow us to use our mobile phones like a key to activate object, systems, content etc. or make payments just by bringing the mobile device in close proximity to a trigger point, which is usually within 4-8 inches!

NFC which stands for Near Field Communications is a technology that has been around for a while. In fact it has been widely used in Japan. However like most cutting edge use of mobile technology the rest of the world is still playing catch-up.

Another reason to believe that the time for NFC has come! Apple is onto it! When they are onto something you know it’s going to be cool and breakthrough! I just read that Apple has patented an NFC device for use with touch screens in a mobile phone and an audio player device.  So don’t be surprised if  a future iPhone model is equipped with an NFC device! In fact someone has already developed a prototype model!  Check it out!

You can read more about NFC here!

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