A Whole New World!

Finally after much deliberation I have setup my blog! For the first post I wanted to share a Talk from TED by Rory Sutherland! Oh this guy is amazing! For one he is from Ogilvy. The agency where it all started for me some 10 years ago as I began my journey as a Strategic Planner.  Ogilvy has a special place in my heart as it laid the foundations of my career and played a big role in helping me do what I do today. Anyways, Rory’s talk is insightful and highly entertaining. It is a must watch for anybody who has anything to do with branding and advertising. I see a pattern between what he talked about and what Dan Ariely covered in his book “Predictably Irrational”.  They both have touched upon ‘Behavioral Economics’ a subject that really intrigues me. I have never been a big fan of Economics but this field looks at things from a very human angle. A whole lot of insights for us planner species.  It’s a subject I will definitely be exploring further in days to come! God Willing! For now enjoy this! 

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