Gran Turismo burns rubber on Google Street View

In the digital world of today using technology for the purpose of marketing a product or service is becoming a norm. From QR codes, Augmented Reality, 3D Projection Mapping, to mobile apps and more – use of technology in marketing is proliferating at a mind-bogging pace. Even the good old web banner which used to be less than a 100k animated GIF file is now being reinvented. A key driver for this innovation has been the increase in broadband adoption boosted by low cost of connectivity.  This is making it easier to experiment with such high bandwidth dependent banners. The following is one such example of how a digital agency brought interactivity and innovation to a banner for Gran Turismo 5, a Sony Playstation 3 game, by combining it with Google Street View.

What was the context? To take three racing tracks from the game which were actual panoramic views of real-life roads and to re-create the same three tracks on a banner using Google Street View. The viewer got a true sneak preview of the tracks and the ability to control the car using the keyboard and mouse just like the real game. Quite an interesting way to do a game demo on a flash banner. The video below does a quick capture of the idea and the rationale. Check it out!

You can try out a demo of the banner here as well. Thanks to adsoftheworld for the links!

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