Power of Analogy

How do you tell a vanilla story in a way that is fresh and surprising? Use an analogy. Their power is undeniable. From the oldest religious texts to modern day pep talk analogies are a great way to make a point. Advertising is all about making a point and in most cases than some, the point is not new. How many times have we seen a food brand claim taste, a beverage brand claim refreshment and a telecom brand claim value. It usually helps to focus on a specific feature to begin with, mix it up with an analogy and you could end up with something great. This is what Clear – an internet services provider in the United States has done to communicate two features of it’s offering. One is for “No Data Limits” and the other is for “No Contract”. Both features are not new to the industry but their agency’s creative team have come up with some very human, everyday analogies to make their point. Check out the two ads below:

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