How to run a fake promotion? Ask Etihad Airways!

It’s not everyday I use this blog to b***h about a brand! In fact I never do so unless there is something positive that one can walk away with. But this one is personal! Etihad Airways ran a promotion which my sister won. Now usually winning is good news but not with Etihad. They made the experience excruciatingly painful to the point that eventually they dishonored the win in the most disgraceful and contemptuous way.

Imagine making it all the way to the boarding gate with a confirmed check-in done hours before and then being told to go back. How can any airline offload a passenger who has checked-in and is on time at the gate? Etihad can. Why? Because it’s a free ticket and that means the passenger is worthless and can be treated in the worst way possible. OK if you really want to screw someone don’t do it at the boarding gate and then don’t treat them like s**t! Seriously! WTF!

On a day when cell phones are closed in Pakistan my sisters were stranded at the airport after being forcefully offloaded and when asked for a landline to call home the Etihad staff at the gate responds how! “It’s not OUR problem how you are going to get back home…just move away from here!” Unbelievable!

Etihad Airways next time you run a bulls***t promotion please don’t bother announcing any winners! Get some fake winners and close it at that! Don’t get real people and screw them this way! Unfortunately for you this time it was my family and trust me I will do everything in my power to get this message across to the world – you wait and see!

The following are scans of the winner announcement  and the e-boarding pass confirming check-in!

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