Mystical Mercedes

Mystical Mercedes Horsepower

Look back at the Mercedes Benz brand and you would think of classical luxury. The mark of a man who was born with a silver spoon and only took it further generation after generation. The aristocrat. The old rich. Like palace like mansions from the times gone by to victorian decor. The brand was a classic in every way. In terms appeal it spoke to the old and rich. 50 somethings who have a uniformed chauffeur hauling them around. This is at least how I saw it. The cars evolved. With BMW appealing to the new generation of achievers. Their tonality delivered on engineering with understated luxury. But with all the toys for the young at heart. Mercedes revamped some of their signature elements around the turn of the century. The design was a significant refresh. They were luxurious as ever, but with contemporary aesthetics and a more youthful appeal. Corresponding the design change, their advertising evolved as well. During the last few years Mercedes advertising has been portraying a very distinct tonality. Somewhat mystical, building on the desire and joy of owning a Mercedes superseding other worldly desires that when presented in another context would be the obvious choice. When it comes to desires they went beyond the real world into the realms of fantasy. Something they portrayed very well.  Here I have captured some of my favorite commercials with the same distinct mystical tone exploring a dream or fantasy world.

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