Incito Mentis: The Evolution of a Vision

Once upon a time, in the vast digital landscape, there was a blog called Incito Mentis. It stood as a beacon of light, illuminating thoughts, ideas, and insights amidst an overwhelming explosion of information.

A Beacon in the Digital Landscape

It all began with an Omar Khan training on NLP I came across early in my career. One phrase from that training reverberated within me: “When you teach, you learn twice over.” It’s a profound thought, isn’t it? If I could articulate my learnings, if I could share them, wouldn’t that be the ultimate mastery? This philosophy was the very bedrock of Incito Mentis. In 2008, as information exploded around us, it was as if we were in a paradox. More data, yet dwindling insights. I felt an urge, almost a responsibility, to sift through this avalanche, to distil wisdom from knowledge. But it wasn’t just about the changing world of marketing and advertising. As a tech enthusiast, the marvels of technological innovation also found a voice on Incito Mentis.

“When you teach, you learn twice over”


As the years passed, the realm of Incito Mentis began to evolve. The Latin phrase roughly translates to “Excite your mind.” And with the tectonic shifts brought about by the pandemic, I found myself at a crossroad. The landscape of work transformed, and I began engaging with clients spanning the globe – from startups in Australia to agencies in the Middle East. My solo endeavors amassed into a portfolio I hold close to my heart.

But life has a way of introducing unexpected turns. Along this journey, I became an integral part of a startup, URDER. What began as a brand and marketing strategy engagement metamorphosed into a Fractional CMO role I’m incredibly passionate about. Today, as I steer URDER with its visionary founder, Incito Mentis stands as a pillar supporting this dream.

The Rebirth

With two decades of experience, having worked with global powerhouses like DDB, Ogilvy, and FCB, I realized something. The strategies, frameworks, and practices that Fortune 500 companies swear by could be the guiding light for smaller organizations and startups. Incito Mentis, in its new avatar, aims to bring this world-class thinking to brands and businesses eager to make their mark. Our services now span three core pillars: Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, and Creative Strategy. But rest assured, the heart of Incito Mentis, its legacy, remains untouched. The blog now melds seamlessly into the consultancy, continuing to share inspirations, innovations, ideas, and insights.

Every journey is made memorable by the fellow travelers. I owe a debt of gratitude to numerous individuals who’ve shaped this path. To them, and to every reader, client, and well-wisher, I extend my heartfelt thanks. In the ever-changing world, Incito Mentis stands as a testament to evolution, growth, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge. Join me, as we embark on this new chapter, with the same passion, curiosity, and commitment that has been the hallmark of our journey so far.

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