Stories of Friendship, Love and God!

Super Bowl – the sporting event that has turned the tide of advertising. The event where more people watch the game for the ads than for the game itself. Find out why!

One year on the dark side…

In my one year working in a branding role at a telecom company I learnt some interesting lessons. From the need for simple strategies, to the challenges of execution. In the end it’s about getting the job done and delivering results! No excuses! Read on to find out more…

Five Pillars to Digital Domination

This blog post is a commentary of a training I had conducted a few months back for aspiring digital immigrants and budding digital natives. It covers the five key pillars that are essential for anyone who is looking to build their personal brand in the digital age…which should be everyone! Read more to find out how many pillars you have conquered…

Why big ideas don’t happen?

As a branding professional I have always aspired to lead and enable award-winning work, the kind of stuff that gets a Cannes Lions Grand Prix! However this has been a huge challenge in Saudi Arabia. In this post I look at some of the key factors that are hindering creativity in this market in my opinion. Let me know what you think.

Brand Storytelling

Branding has entered the era of storytelling. How can brands learn from the best storytellers to deliver emotional, authentic and personal stories that can move people and eventually move product? This post shares some insights on this topic from the Cannes Lions 2013.