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Coca Cola’s Big Music Push

Coca Cola, the iconic brand that sits at the top of the 100 most valuable brands list according to Interbrand, is making a big push into the musical array in 2011. For a sugary drink that is not really good for anyone holding the top spot really goes to show

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Marketing goes 3D!

UPDATE: 3D Projection Mapping is exploding! Samsung has done it again. First it was in the Netherlands for the 3D TV launch (read below) and now it’s with Vodafone for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet in Spain. Great stuff! Avatar took the world of Hollywood by storm when

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There is a sailor in all of us!

It is amazing how the human brain works. Some of the findings from behavioral economics on our decision making abilities are both shocking and fascinating, to say the least. It’s like looking at an engine from the inside and seeing how everything works. As a planner understanding human behavior is

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