Marketing goes 3D!

UPDATE: 3D Projection Mapping is exploding! Samsung has done it again. First it was in the Netherlands for the 3D TV launch (read below) and now it’s with Vodafone for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet in Spain. Great stuff!

Avatar took the world of Hollywood by storm when James Cameron introduced the world to 3D! Not that 3D was entirely a new thing up to that point but as Malcolm Gladwell put it – it has reached a Tipping Point. Since then we have seen Samsung and the likes bring 3D to our homes, Micromax is attempting to do so on our mobiles, NVIDIA is bringing 3D to the world of gaming and some fellows from the world of advertising are doing the same with marketing communications.

What am I talking about? 3D Projection Mapping. It’s not exactly the kind of 3D you see in movies but it certainly is eye-popping stuff and it’s getting big…fast! A quick search for 3D Projection Mapping examples revealed innumerable videos. Like all new marketing innovations many applications seem to have used the technology for the sake of it. Some however have combined the brand experience with technology to deliver some breakthrough executions. My personal favorite is by Samsung for their 3D TV launch in the Netherlands. Yes, what better way to launch a 3D TV other than doing a massive 3D Projection. This one is simply awesome!

Another gret example of 3D Projection Mapping was for Red Bull “Off the Planet” – a night event where snowboarders and skiers jump between two massive ramps and each landing is tracked via infrared to dynamically change the projections, thereby adding interactivity and greatly enhancing the visual experience. The results are splendid.

Looking ahead I think 3D Projection Mapping is going to get bigger, better and bolder! It takes augmented reality to a whole new level by taking real world architecture and giving it a fresh context. The challenge as always would be to make the right connection that not only creates a great execution but enhances the brand experience. If  you are looking for more 3D Projection eye-candy then check out this video by AC/DC from the Iron Man 2 Soundtrack done as a 3D Projection. Enjoy!

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