iPhone 5 and beyond!

For those 500 million smartphone users worldwide, the concept of what one can do from a phone has far evolved. Nokia – the giant that put a mobile phone in the hands of the masses gave us the Nokia Communicator. A phone which felt like a mini-computer. Then Blackberry with it’s Messenger and Push E-mail created an enterprise ecosystem which altered the divide between personal and professional. Not getting an instant response to an email or a message became something to be frowned upon. Then out of the blue came a system which brought together touch technology with an operating system that created a perfect marriage between technology and simplicity – the iPhone was born. What’s more is that it has continued to build on this powerful framework combining previous innovations with newer concepts. It was this holistic thinking that created the iPod phenomena. An mp3 player was nothing new, but combining it with iTunes was what changed the entire music industry. Similarly the birth of the App Store enabled continuous innovation in the use and experience of iOS devices – iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and so on. The question is what’s next?

It is very human to take what we have in the present for granted. Quite frankly a lot of what we can do today was the stuff of science fiction not so long ago. The Trekkies from the USS Enterprise gave us a vision of future communications and one such vision has become a reality today in the form of “FaceTime”. Similarly we can all feel like a cyborg from Terminator with an augmented vision of reality using our smart phones with an app like Layar, for example. Such technology is fast becoming commonplace by the day. Feeling quite comfortable and pleased knowing that I live in an era where technology has profoundly empowered individuals to do so much more than could have been imagined I got jolted out of my comfort zone when I came across another vision of the future. But unlike previous eras however I see such a future becoming a reality pretty soon. Perhaps by the time we get the iPhone 5! Have a look…

Impressed? Perhaps not so much! I don’t blame you. So much is happening so fast. 3D has revolutionized the cinema going experience and pretty soon a 3D home viewing experience is going to become something like wearing a wrist watch. We have gotten used to blazing fast leaps in technology. The likes of Apple have spoiled us silly. But what if I were to tell you that I got something that would truly blow you away! What’s even more surprising is the company behind this vision of the future – Mozilla. Yes, the company that gave us the Firefox browser is up to something truly remarkable. If a search engine company can get into the mobile phone business and God knows what else then why can’t a web-browser company do the same! Well, this is just a concept video but the vision portrayed by the guys from Mozilla Labs is simply out of this world! I can’t wait to get my hands on the Mozilla Seabird! Hold on to your seats before clicking on the video below. Bye-bye Apple, Hello Mozilla!

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