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Coca Cola’s Big Music Push

Coca Cola, the iconic brand that sits at the top of the 100 most valuable brands list according to Interbrand, is making a big push into the musical array in 2011. For a sugary drink that is not really good for anyone holding the top spot really goes to show

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Remember passing the pillow!

Remember the game, “Passing the Pillow” an object that holds a very near and dear utility becomes an object of fun and play. That is what’s happening to the world of advertising. From something that conveys a message (mostly unsolicited I dare say!) to something that is all about play,

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Experience Awesomeness!

I have always believed brand building is about creating experiences. It can be anything from an immersive on-ground event, an engaging website to a holistic 360° experience. But lately I have realized that content and entertainment have also become a vital aspect of the experience mix. The business of building

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