Mystical Mercedes

This post looks at how Mercedes has it’s evolved it’s advertising by infusing mystery and fantasy to differentiate itself within the luxury car segment.

Stories of Friendship, Love and God!

Super Bowl – the sporting event that has turned the tide of advertising. The event where more people watch the game for the ads than for the game itself. Find out why!

All the world needs are small ideas!

Big problems needs big ideas right? How can all the colossal problems plaguing our world be solved without a big idea? From malnutrition to obesity here are two small ideas that changed their world. Inspired by the insightful book “Switch” by Chip and Dan Heath this blog post that will change the way you look at ideas!

Why big ideas don’t happen?

As a branding professional I have always aspired to lead and enable award-winning work, the kind of stuff that gets a Cannes Lions Grand Prix! However this has been a huge challenge in Saudi Arabia. In this post I look at some of the key factors that are hindering creativity in this market in my opinion. Let me know what you think.

Journey into the world of telecom branding

14 years in advertising and branding. 10,000 hours of strategic thinking. 120,000 minutes of brainstorming. I finally took the plunge to the dark side. Sworn to always be true to the world of brands and advertising. Here I am changing sides. Read on as I look back at why I both hated and love advertising.