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How to get (in)famous the Rebecca Black way?

What better day to write this post than a Friday! You know Friday? The day before Saturday and the day after Thursday! Well in case you have not heard Rebecca Black has taken the web by a storm through her lesson on the days of the week, among other things.

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Creating a new paradigm for weddings in India

JWT Mumbai’s Diamond Bride Campaign is a great example of rock-solid strategic thinking. It demonstrates how a deep consumer insight can lead to a major change in behavior. It shows how something as rooted as tradition can be challenged and how a new paradigm can be created. De Beers India

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Why is it an insult to tip waiters in Iceland?

I bumped across a tweet by Chris Voss on the subject and it intrigued me quite a bit. This is highly unusual considering the fact that in Saudi Arabia at Applebees there is a note on the bill that reminds you to please tip the server despite the service charge!

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