How to get (in)famous the Rebecca Black way?

What better day to write this post than a Friday! You know Friday? The day before Saturday and the day after Thursday! Well in case you have not heard Rebecca Black has taken the web by a storm through her lesson on the days of the week, among other things. For a 13-year old she has gone from unknown to infamous in a matter of days. Her music video for the song “Friday” has raked up more than 80 million views at the time of this writing and a record 1.6 million “Dislikes” beating the old record holder Justin Beiber. Besides YouTube Rebecca Black kept trending on Twitter for a full week like there was nothing else going on in the world!

Among the many ways to get famous this is certainly not one of them. Besides the anger and disgust this video has arisen it has also created a lot of ridicule and humor that was simply too good not to share and that is probably the only reason I decided to write about this. Now the question that perplexes me is whether to show you the fun stuff first or the original video. Should I even bother to embed the original video or leave it as a link? The song Friday can have this effect on people I guess. Oh my friends are here and I have not even finished my cereal! Anyways I think I have figured it out. Watch the original video first (I hope you can watch it to the end) before watching the parodies to truly appreciate them 🙂

Rebecca Black – Friday (Official Video)

Unofficial Sequel to Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” – Saturday

And my most favorite – Thursday by the Great Conan O’Brien

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