Swedish Post invites you to shake it online!

Each medium offers a unique opportunity to engage consumers. Some of this new media is enabling ideas unlike anything that could have been done before. Social media provides a great opportunity to create real-time engagement like what we saw for KLM surprises. Similarly digital also allows combining online with the real world. Swedish post has done something similar by combining our auditory sense with the simple principle of interactivity. The objective was to communicate that the green parcels from Swedish Post can be deliver anything overnight. What could be better than actually creating an experience that literally lets people receive anything overnight. Easier said than done I would say. Building on the human insight to shake a gift box to listen and figure out what’s inside, the idea of ‘Sound of Green’ was born. The idea makes good use of digital by allowing a user to select one of eighty boxes, shake it and listen. It makes good use of social media by allowing a user to share the audio clip with their friends and get their help in guessing what’s inside. If the user guesses correctly then he wins the contents of the package which are then delivered overnight completing the experience and integrating perfectly with the brand promise. Simply brilliant I think! Check out the case video. It’s a must-watch!

The Sound of Green from Ourwork on Vimeo.

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