Hot Wheels creates a race like no other!

Another 3D Projection Mapping wonder! Hot Wheels uses technology to show-off their fastest cars by pitting them against each other in a virtual death race. Customs House, a historic building in Sydney, Australia is the location for this epic event. As seen in other videos from this genre, Hot Wheels pulls off a grand spectacle with all the shabang, from everything falling apart, explosions, fire and of-course flooding! In the light of the recent tsunami in Japan, flooding and water don’t necessarily evoke a very positive image…nevertheless this one is worth a watch!

The whole world has taken this media by a storm. I can’t wait to find the right mix for a client in Saudi Arabia to do a 3D Projection Mapping. The beauty of these executions? They make for a great event and even greater viral video. To top it all they are not very expensive to do either. In the long line of great projection mapping videos here is another one. Kudos to Muse Amsterdam for their work!

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