Think Small

No this post is not about the 2012 VW Beetle that was launched earlier this week in three cities around the world. This post is about a profound idea that is changing our world – “Small is the new Big.” The magnitude of this concept is not so apparent at first look but when you

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Explosion of Augmented Reality

The bomb of Augmented Reality (AR) has been dropped and the explosion is like that of a simmering volcano that has gone super nova! The future that we saw through the eyes of Director Steven Spielberg in Minority report is fast becoming our present reality. In its simplest form, AR is a combination of common technologies that have

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A Whole New World!

Finally after much deliberation I have setup my blog! For the first post I wanted to share a Talk from TED by Rory Sutherland! Oh this guy is amazing! For one he is from Ogilvy. The agency where it all started for me some 10 years ago as I began my journey as a Strategic

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