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Are you ready? Cannes Lions 2012 - Incito Mentis

Mind Blowing Lessons from the Cannes Lions 2012

Yes. You might think I am exaggerating. Rest assured. I am not. Get ready for the next level. Cannes Lions Seminars 2012 brought together the greatest minds from the world of advertising, marketing and media. From Arianna Huffington to Jim Stengel, from Amir Kassaei to Paul Adams and more. The

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Social Media and the Illusion of Achievement!

I am probably very wrong but in my opinion there is a huge downside to Web 2.0. Despite the numerous tools and filters available one can easily get carried away in this vast ocean of knowledge and data that is sweeping at currents faster than those that flow beneath Antartica!

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How to get (in)famous the Rebecca Black way?

What better day to write this post than a Friday! You know Friday? The day before Saturday and the day after Thursday! Well in case you have not heard Rebecca Black has taken the web by a storm through her lesson on the days of the week, among other things.

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Whatever happened to the ‘man in the box’

Last year was an amazing year for social media. We were starting to see maturity in the way brands were engaging consumers and keeping the dialogue alive. There was a lot of experimentation and risk-taking and some of it paid off in a big way. This post is not about

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KLM delivers spontaneous joy!

Planned Spontaneity Рa term coined by in their report from December 2003. When I first came across it I truly believed that it was an idea based on a powerful human truth that had the potential to deliver a compelling brand experience. In fact it was only last month

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