Hyundai Accent drives magically on a wall!

Hyundai adds a little extra to an already novel marketing tool – 3D Projection Mapping. The power to transform a landscape and immerse the viewer into an alternate reality is what’s driving the WOW! factor in these executions. With the evolution of projection technology, becoming both high definition and cost effective at the same time, combined with a growing expertise of 3D talent the frequency of these executions worldwide is increasing at a rapid pace. Executions can be seen everywhere for anything from promoting movies like Tron and Iron Man 2 to events celebrating new year’s eve to some simply promoting a tourist location. Of course, of all the players in the game brands are right on top with some great work done for Samsung, Vodafone, Red Bull and Hot Wheels to name a few.

This time however for Hyundai the team behind the event in Malaysia has added a little twist. Instead of doing what everybody else is doing. They have managed to create a true to the brand immersive experience by actually putting the car at the center of the stage. The result is a fascinating journey that to my mind is a step above the rest. It rightly delivers on the brand promise of “New Possibilities” – imagine a car driving on the wall! Check out the video below and see for yourself!

YouTube Video Link

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