Oops…Apple did it again!

No it’s not another shiny new invention from Apple that is going to change the game for a certain industry forever! Nor is it the iPhone 5! It’s perfection in a stagnant (read as dying) segment of the computing world – the personal computer. Although this definition includes everything from the desktop, the laptop to netbooks. We are talking about the good old MacBook Pro that got a whole lot better.

As you can see in the chart above (thanks to Horace Dediu) the Mac range still continues to grow despite the overall stagnation in the segment and this latest innovation is going to ensure that when it comes to power and portability the MacBook Pro offers something exemplary! Or is it? Call me an Apple fanboy or an all around tech geek. The way I see it the new MBP has got more than a few tricks up it’s sleeves. The display is the obvious WOW! For anyone who has compared the retina displays on iOS devices to their older counterparts can vouch that once you go RD there is no going back! But that’s not the real feat of the beast. The MBP has managed to pack in a lot of power, from the latest Intel Ivy Bridge chips to the fastest Geforce GPU available in the market – GT 650M to be exact. Combine that with the new generation SSD drives and you get a lightning fast machine that can handle all kinds of graphic intensive multimedia applications like video and photo editing, encoding and of course gaming. And it does all that by still giving you at least 4 hours of battery time in a package that is 6mm thinner than the previous generation. Talk about awesome!

But then again maybe I am just an Apple fanboy! And if you are a fanboy too than you are probably already using at least one iOS device. If so then you are in for a treat. With the upcoming OS X Mountain Lion you can expect some serious integration with iOS. Note that these features are not exclusive to the new MBP but they sure sweeten the deal. Imaging working on a Keynote, having it sync seamlessly in the background as it does on an iOS device and continuing to work on it on the go or just presenting straight up from your handheld. Enough talk! As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. So here is the official video from Apple giving you a peak at the new MacBook Pro. Enjoy!

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