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Sensors Everywhere!

Are we reaching a tipping point in technological innovation? Can the updates to sensory technology as seen in CES this year really unlock the potential of connected devices? Some of the showcases were simply awesome to say the least!

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Pace of Inventions will never be the same...

Pace of inventions will never be the same…

GO invent something NOW! You think I am kidding. Sorry to disappoint you my readers. The game has changed. No excuses. You are probably wondering that you are not qualified. No PhD. No nothing. “How could I possibly think about being a scientist?” Think again. Here are some recent examples

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Is Apple missing the magic of Steve?

It’s been one year since the iconic legend – Steve Jobs passed away. Apple continues to soar to new heights it seems despite the loss of their charismatic leader. Or not? Apparently the dent he created in the universe poked a big hole…some of those holes had money in them…lots

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Oops…Apple did it again!

No it’s not another shiny new invention from Apple that is going to change the game for a certain industry forever! Nor is it the iPhone 5! It’s perfection in a stagnant (read as dying) segment of the computing world – the personal computer. Although this definition includes everything from

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Pepsi combines TV with the real world!

Pepsi takes the lead with a cutting-edge innovation using IntoNow. What is IntoNow? It is an iOS app that does to TV what Shazam did to music. It can listen to a clip of any TV show live as it happens and tell you the name of the show and

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