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How to make something hot even hotter?

We are talking about a Lamborghini here. Does it need a pitch? Who does not want to own a Lamborghini? Those who can afford an Enzo or those who already own the last two I guess! Why would you need to make a TV ad for a Lamborghini? Probably the

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Predictably Irrational – Understanding the Human Mind

What can I say about Dan Ariely! This book is simply awesome! It’s a goldmine of insights. A must-read for planners looking to understand human behavior. This whole idea of behavioral economics is very intriguing (I did a post earlier on the same subject). Through a series of experiments Dan

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A Whole New World!

Finally after much deliberation I have setup my blog! For the first post I wanted to share a Talk from TED by Rory Sutherland! Oh this guy is amazing! For one he is from Ogilvy. The agency where it all started for me some 10 years ago as I began

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