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Hyundai Accent drives magically on a wall!

Hyundai adds a little extra to an already novel marketing tool – 3D Projection Mapping. The power to transform a landscape and immerse the viewer into an alternate reality is what’s driving the WOW! factor in these executions. With the evolution of projection technology, becoming both high definition and cost

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Hot Wheels creates a race like no other!

Another 3D Projection Mapping wonder! Hot Wheels uses technology to show-off their fastest cars by pitting them against each other in a virtual death race. Customs House, a historic building in Sydney, Australia is the location for this epic event. As seen in other videos from this genre, Hot Wheels

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Marketing goes 3D!

UPDATE: 3D Projection Mapping is exploding! Samsung has done it again. First it was in the Netherlands for the 3D TV launch (read below) and now it’s with Vodafone for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet in Spain. Great stuff! Avatar took the world of Hollywood by storm when

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